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Announcement from Wishton Hotel Yangon

Due to an outage at the MPT facility in our hotel area, we are unable to receive or make calls to our phone number +95(0)1-572500

Change in Opening Hours of Padauk Restaurant

From 1st October(Sunday), the opening hours of Padauk Restaurant will be changed as below:


Good day to you. Greetings from Wishton Hotel Yangon with tons of thanks and love. May I introduce you to a plan for our beloved guests? Are you looking for a place to hold celebrations and ceremonies such as birthday parties, Anniversary events, new year parties, grand openings, farewell parties, etc.? 

Prevention and Protection of COVID-19

During this hard-time, we sympathize all businesses, hotel partners and our beloved customers have been impacted more or less due to COVID-19. The hotel as well. For which